Commercial Equipment Loan

Equipment Loans

Equipment loans are considered ideal for customers who own business whether SME or large enterprises requiring long life equipment needs, who prefer the ownership and the associated tax benefits of owning equipment’s through loans. There is also the option of equipment leasing which includes operating leases, finance leases, hire purchase arrangements and other customized products. However, when you own an equipment through a loan the ownership benefits are varied.

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Types of Equipment Loans

There are a variety of equipment loans available to businessmen whether large corporations or SMEs with a variety advantages:

Construction Equipment:

This type of loans are taken by construction companies and businesses for equipment that is necessary for construction.

Manufacturing Equipment:

This type of loan is seeked by people with people who require to use equipment’s for manufacturing goods.

Corporate Aviation:

People who are in the corporate aviation industry will seek loan for the same mainly to deal with airport and on-flight equipment.

Automobiles and Allied Industries:

Any businessmen who has requirements in their automobile and related industries including manufacturing of parts, assembling or related manufacturing can avail this type of equipment loan.

IT and Office Equipment:

This is exclusive of the equipment necessary for any business that obviously has to function with an office and hence needs IT equipment’s such as computers, servers, projectors, other office supplies and electronics.

Electronics & Appliances:

This is to take a loan amount for electronic and appliance for a company to function reasonably.

Health Care:

For any business related to healthcare, loans can be taken to buy equipment’s and goods required for the business to run smoothly.

How Does Equipment Loans Work?

When a businessman needs equipment, getting a business equipment loan could be an intelligent financial move. He or she can use these loans to make purchases for virtually any type of business equipment as mentioned in the last section, but the amount that can be borrowed is based on the type of equipment that the entrepreneur is buying as well as whether the equipment is brand new or used.

A car loan and an equipment loan functions similarly. The equipment serves as a collateral to secure the loan, so an additional collateral is not necessary. Most equipment loans are usually come with fixed interest rate around 8% and 30%offering a fixed term length ensuring that the monthly payments are always the same.

The term extension is based on the nature of the equipment and the life expectancy of the equipment. Only some lenders would be agreeable to extend the term of an equipment loan beyond the fixed expected useful life of the equipment itself.

Equipment Loan V/s Equipment Leasing

Some entrepreneurs choose to lease equipment instead of getting an actual loan. There might be advantages to equipment leasing, but with an equipment loan,he or she will own the equipment after the loan is paid off. With a lease, he or she will have to give back the equipment once the lease term is done with.

Documents Required to Apply

  1. PAN card, Aadhar card and Voter’s ID
  2. Resident Address Proof
  3. Business Located Address proof
  4. Business registration Proof
  5. Last Past months’ Bank statement
  6. Passport size photos of applicant
  7. Two years of income tax returns & Audited financials
  8. Suppliers and Machineries name in Detail

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